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Koh Phangan : Guide to South West : Introduction

The south west of Koh Phangan is the island's biggest lowland area and was the earliest settled with the frist main town in Wok Tum, not far from Thongsala where it is now. The inland areas are melting point of rivers and streams that spring from the surrounding mountains and the fertile plains are home to many small villages.
Thongsala became the island's capital around a hundred years ago and serves as Koh Phangan's main communication, services and transport centre. It has the islands main banking services, an excellent variety of cosmopolitan restaurants and some good bars. The shopping in Thongsala tends to be better value than neighbouring islands, where most shops have low fixed prices and there are also some good boutiques with interesting and unique clothes and crafts. Internet and telephone services are cheap, the main Post Office and Police Station are here and Thongsala has no less than three fresh markets, several decent supermarkets including Tesco Lotus, and more than ten ATM machines. The road network of the island meets in Thongsala, thus it provides easy access to virtually any point on Koh Phangan, by land or sea. It is the main taxi pick-up point and it has numerous guesthouse and two hotels, useful for overnight stays to meet travel connections.
The coastline takes on two different personas either side of Koh Tae Nok and Koh Tae Nai, the islands infront of Thongsala. Up the coast, strating at the northern end of Ao Nai Wok, there are steep hills and rounded volcanic boulders around the south-west's only mountain, Khao Hin Nok. The coast is broken up by rocky outcrops and the odd cluster of mangroves, with small coves and idyllic views over Ang Thong Marine Park.

South of Thongsala, the coastline is a lot straighter with an unbroken strecth of sand all the way up to the start of the Haad Rin hills. The surrounding flat land has all been used for coconut farming and long stretches of beach allow for a decent amount of space between the resorts, many offering high standards of accommodation.
South West Koh Phangan

South West


Around Thongsala

Baan Tai - Baan Khai

Hotels and Resorts
Ao Baan Khai
Price from:
4900 THB
Fronted by more than 100 meters of private beach and shallow water with jaw-dropping views of Koh Samui, Chantaramas Resort & Spa is a laidback, chic escape.

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Ao Baan Tai
Price from:
990 THB
First Villa combines comfort with authentic Thai family atmosphere. There are 30 rooms all with air-con and hot water - you can choose between bungalow and hotel - and a swimming pool with beach bar.

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Ao Nai Wok
Price from:
1400 THB
Lanna northern-style resort with modern wooden bungalows set around sunset swimming pool, sauna and sunset beach bar. Kayaks for hire.

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Ao Plaay Lame
Price from:
4680 THB
Beautiful resort decorated in Balinese style. Kupu Kupu has several wooden villa designs to choose from each with private pool.

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Ao Baan Tai
Price from:
350 THB
Rooms start from only 350 Baht. Clean and comfortable. FREE WiFi and table tennis. Close to the village of Baan Tai with many shops and restaurants.

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Ao Baan Thai
Price from:
400 THB
Situated just 2km from Thongsala, The Blue Parrot has 19 rooms (air-con and fan) on the beach surrounded by a beautiful garden. They have double, twin and triple rooms at great rates.

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March - May 2015
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