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Fish at Thips
Fish at Thips is an authentic Thai seafood restaurant, architecture in strong bamboo structure with a natural grass roof. Located right on the beach of Baan Tai with stunning views of Koh Samui and some of the most spectacular sunsets on the Island. Thip - the owner who also runs My Wok & Me Cooking School warmly welcomes you to try some of the dishes from the delicious menu. Most of the local seafood served is handed in by local fishermen who line up their fishing boats at the shore of Fish at Thips. Fresh seafood, cosy and romantic settings and some jazzy music is the concept of this idyllic restaurant that deserves a visit.

Open: Mon - Sun 1pm to 11pm
Recommended: Fresh Seafood and a Glass of Cold Rosé Wine

Issue 40
March - May 2015
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