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Koh Phangan : Health and Spa : Introduction

Koh Phangan has always been a place for relaxation and reflection. The tradition is a part of the island’s history as the island has previously attracted many people interested in the healing and spiritual arts, with numerous temples testament to this. While Koh Phangan is yet to have many spa resorts on the scale of our sister island Koh Samui; there are plenty of retreat centres, meditation schools and secret hideaways where one can find peace and space for learning in harmony with nature.
Wat Pho Herbal Sauna, Baan Tai
The herbal sauna is open every day 3pm-7pm and runs on donations - the sauna uses traditional methods by heating natural herbs such as lemongrass on a log fire.
Nearby you'll also find the biggest tree on Koh Phangan, an amazing site of nature.
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Ayurvana Spa at Santhiya Resort and Spa
Cocohut Spa at Cocohut Beach Resort
The Spa at Rasananda
Viman Spa at Panviman Resort

Issue 40
March - May 2015
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