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Koh Phangan : Health and Spa : Ananda Wellness Resort

Ananda Resort Detox & Yoga Center
Ananda Resort Detox & Yoga Center
: 08 1397 6280
Area: North West
Ao Hin Kong
: www.anandaresort.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/

Ananda Wellness Resort offers accommodation, detoxification programs, massage, salt water pool, free WiFi, a restaurant featuring vegetarian and vegan food and stunning sunset views over the bay. Ananda offer individualised and time proven detox and purification programs that integrate with a combination of all the levels of Agama Yoga School. Detox Programs range from 3½ days to 11 days using purification methods in addition to a daily yoga class; and may also include Candida management and parasite removal where required. Mon-Sat 8-8:55am Meditation, 9-10:30am Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Mindfulness, 4:30-6:00pm classical Hatha Yoga. All levels welcome.
If you’re looking for peace of mind in paradise then the Ananda Wellness Resort should be your one of you first ports of call. Situated just metres from the expansive shores of Ao Hin Kong; this wonderful centre gives their guests a warm welcome and sets them firmly on the path to wellbeing.

Renowned for their ‘back to basics’ detox and purification programmes, individuals can entrust themselves to a team of experienced practitioners that will tailor a dietary and supplementary programme to bring you back into an optimum state of health. Here, tight muscles can be warmed up in the herbal sauna, stretched out by daily yoga classes and pummelled by talented masseuses.

Away from the beautiful beach, guests can enjoy a refreshing dip in the resort’s salt water swimming pool before settling in for a leisurely sunset meal at the restaurant that serves up a host of organic vegetarian and vegan dishes accompanied by freshly squeezed fruit juices.
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