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Koh Phangan : Full Moon Party : Baan Tai Parties : Jungle Experience

Jungle Experience
Jungle Experience
Area: South West
Location: Baan Tai
Website: www.jungle-experience.com

2016 Schedule:
(1 day and 10 days before
every Full Moon Party): October 7th & 16th,
November 4th & 13th,
December 4th, 13th, 24th & 30th

Check facebook for schedule JUNGLE EXPERIENCE KOH PHANGAN).

Welcome to the most beautiful party experience on Koh Phangan....
Jungle Experience is an immersive dance event on the island of Koh Phangan. Famous for its festival atmosphere, this open air party is set in the beauty of the Jungle in Baan Tai and renowned in Thailand for being a major underground music hub for Tech and Progressive House.

Every month Jungle Experience takes places 1 day and 10 days before the celebration of the Full Moon Party, drawing in thousands of party ravers to unite in dance. Many world class music Dj's who have graced the dance floor include, Orbital's Phil Hartnoll, Marco Bailey, Ibiza sensations Marco Loco, Sean Hughes and Randy Seidman (Infected Music) and Doorly.
The Jungle Tribe invites YOU to a sensory experience into an enchanting garden. Prepare to be entranced by UV art decor, structures of mythical creatures and bouncing laser projections. Cross over a natural mountain stream via woodland bridges and walkways into cosy chill out zones. An eclectic parade of performers and artists captivate the evening on the dance floor with skilled fire spinning, drum circles and costume fantasia. Be part of the festival scene and join the Jungle Tribe dressed in sparkles, feathers, balloons, lights - the more outrageous the better, there is no dress code.
Meet Alien Sisters AiA with their explosive live body painting and costume designs and costume designer Linnea Forte, Do you want to be a BODY PAINTED model? Get in contact with Queen Luana!
Fancy a pair of hair horns, glowing lights or extensions in your hair or maybe a simple hair cut? Oliver Twist Hair can do it!
Dance into the morning sunrise as it peeks over the mountainous backdrop, leaving the cosmic evening of wild fun to open up to a tropical dawn surrounded by lush greenery. The Jungle Experience is an everlasting.

Step in the visual world of Jungle Experience through the lens of Thomas Bonnecarrere's as he circles close, like a bird hovering over the dance venue https://youtu.be/JagitaBpG7A.
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March - May 2015
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