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Fishing can usually be organised through your resort and is often a short trip in a longtail boat out to a few local fishing spots. The normal equipment is a handline on a basic trip, so if you are looking for something a bit more high-tech ask around or go to a travel agent. There are plenty of operations with good rods and equipment and if you are willing to travel to the best spots and night fish, you may net a 20kg Mackerel or a 10kg Barracuda. If organised at a resort it should also be possible to have a BBQ on the beach in the evening.
Fishing off the rocks on the coast can also bring a good catch; just ask a local where to set up - be warned it is illegal to go fishing in the marine rich waters around Koh Ma. Don't forget to cover your skin, bring enough water to drink and take care of the coral.

If you fancy a good laugh, then head up to Chaloklum for a spot of squid fishing. Chaloklum is well-known throughout the area has an excellent source of squid. If you look out to sea after dark you will almost certainly see the bright lights from the squid boats shining in the distance. If you are interested in trying it out just ask some of the local people for more details.
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